Jane Brettle

Public Bodies Private States:

new views on photography representation and gender

A 172 page publication 40 full colour and black and white images:

Manchester University Press 1994
ISBN Paperback: 0 7190 4120 1
Hardback: 0 7190 4120 X
Edited: by Jane Brettle and Sally Rice

This publication combines exciting visual imagery from women artists and the work of leading women theorists, in a multidisciplinary examination of the body and the institution. Images and texts question the boundaries between public and private, and issues of territory, in historical and contemporary contexts.

Artists: Jane Brettle, Wendy McMurdo, Sally Rice and Ruth Stirling.

Writers: Introduction by Ludmilla Jordanova, Essays by Elizabeth Wilson, Christine Battersby, Yve Lomax, Alison Young and Mary Gray.