Jane Brettle

Everything is Wrong

Leistal, Switzerland 26th August - 6th October 2006

The exhibition considered social criticism, politics and history while taking into consideration recurrent themes and genres of art history. "The artists chosen in this exhibition have a conscious approach: They include themselves in the art history continuum, and as we live in an era of second degree, they play with the history of images". Curator: Antonia Donzé-van Saanen.

Artists: Marc Bijl (NL), Jane Brettle (UK), David Casini (IT), Gregory Forstner (FR), Christian Gonzenbach (CH), Mona Hatoum (GB), Jean-Pierre Khazem (FR), Cyril Macq (CH), Henrik Plenge Jakobsen (DK), Elodie Pong (CH), Rachel Reupke (GB), Didier Rittener (CH), Devorah Sperber (US) et Susanne Weirich (DE).

Catalogue Everything is Wrong: Kunsthalle Palazzo: Switzerland 2006 ISBN 3 906789 06 03